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Importance of software testing

April 25, 2011

A small step in assuring software quality can save a lot of  money and time that is wasted due to negligence in software testing. Each and every one  involved in software development should be conscious of software testing and to ensure quality software, testing is very important .We know the fact that software is  developed by humans, also we know “humans are prone to errors”. These errors done by humans lead to faulty operation by software in operational use, which is in turn results into a failure, so software testing is aimed at making sure the software product meets its predefined goals with no errors or least possible errors that can be tolerated.

So in brief  proper  software testing

Saves money and time for debugging in later phase which is costly and time consuming after a software hits market.

Save life in case of  medical science. etc

example 1. in a normal web development company

If you neglect software testing thinking it is just a normal web development company where blogs, personal, company sites are built, in this case  if you miss  some links, browser compatibility check, your site  is acting differently in different browsers then your profile will be low and you my get reducing number of clients per day with this result continued.

example 2. If your company is  developing e commerce sites

e commerce sites are more critical  you may face loss of money directly if any of the functions are wrongly written such as if there is  issue in your cart, or payment system, then no clients will visit your site again

example 3. If  you are developing a medical system to monitor heart beat, blood pressure etc

medical systems are life critical systems, if  these system need more precised testing and if  some negligence is done in testing these system and if your heart beat monitoring  system fails and shows  more  or less heart beat than actual then the patient will definitely be treated  in wrong way  which may take his life too

example 4. If you are developing a system to launch a shuttle in space

If you are developing a software system that monitors  the direction of  flight of shuttle,  to maintain a targeted direction both the left and right  bases have to inject  fuel in absolute precise  time, if one of the bases misses to inject fuel  for 1 second then then direction of the  high speed shuttle is deviated to the side which missed the injection and  in this case inappropriate change  in the direction of  shuttle may  lead it to crash with a loss of billions of dollars and human effort to create it, all the effort of shuttle architects, engineers will be collapsed in seconds.

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