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IU Test

April 25, 2011

IU Test refers to installation , uninstallation  test of software products or units. It is a part of software quality assurance (QA or SQA). During this test software is tested with numerous installations and uninstallations to verify that the product is unistalled and unistalled correctly. This test is done to verify every files specified  are copied to or removed from the targeted folder of the server. This test is carried out by further steps

1. Verification of files or folders copied to server after installation

This step can  be ensured also by the size comparing  the  installer raw size and size of files copied to the server. Note in some cases all the files may not be copied to a single folder in source server but also may be copied   to   different locations in server, so we have to be careful about that.

2. Verification of database created with mentioned tables, rows and default data (if exist)

This step can  be verified by the process called “database hunt”. After the installer is installed we  see the database to note if any tables are created with the specified rows and values(in some cases)

3. Verification of files / folders removed form server after installation

The files and folders created during installation must be removed during uninstallation, so here we very the files and folders are removed completely so that error doesnot exist during next installation or  any garbage is   not collected even after uninstallation.

4. Verification of database of tables removed after uninstallation

The process of database hunt again works here to verify that the targeted database or tables only are removed completely along with the files and folders specified, if the  uninstallation process fails to remove database or tables then it is sure it creates problem in next installation at least.

These cases should be check during the process of upgrader used to upgrade the product.

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