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Be careful while writing a CV, and facing interview for job

November 1, 2011

Today Something made me write on this topic, it was “i received a CV from a applicant,in reference section of CV, there were name of 6 persons & i knew 4 of them closely, i then asked to all 4 persons i knew, but none of them knew the applicant who wrote their name on reference. i was totally SURPRISED ” so i am writing few things that employees must understand while writing an effective CV or effective resume.

Understand the position you are applying for:-

This especially is for freshers, if you see any job opening in any company then don’t  just send your resume promptly, read the job description carefully, read the prerequisites for the position, try understanding the job mentioned, and judge yourself, your level for the position, if you feel your  skills are not sufficient for the position then try to learn things written in job description. i am sure you can do much more with the proper use of Internet and try to push yourselves forward towards the position. Also preparing yourself related to job description means you  are scoring more on written test that employers take.

Writing true things:-

Write only things you have done, job titles or skills  and also the references ,i have also found  CV’s where applicant write true skills but false level of expertise, ie higher level of expertise, understand the meaning of beginner level, intermediate level and expert clearly, you may have even a year of expertise and you may write yourself as expert on particular skill, which is wrong. Also during interview you will be asked with questions related to the skills, level of expertise you have mentioned

Understanding the company your are applying for:-

Understand the company , see its work, find its working environment, benefits  as more information as you can, normal mistakes that people make is they make a generic cover letter for all companies they are applying, which actually is not good, employers feel good and easy if you tell about  his company but it also not that  you should tell false things about his company just to impress the interviewer.

Prepare yourselves to tackle experts:-

Never thing the persons interviewing you are ordinary,  your every behaviour counts a lot, from the way you greet, way you think, way  you answer, way you react with questions,you should seem to be smart for the position, your attitude should seem positive, if your attitude is found to be negative then despite becoming expert there is very less chance you are selected for the job.

Finally, if you don’t like working in a company or  in the post mentioned then just don’t apply for the job in that company, you may think that you will apply and just go write the written exam and face the interview for experience then its a blunder of yours, if the employer feel you came just for interviewing  experience then he can play a role to not let you in other 5 more companies. Never understimante the employers, interviewers, there is always a managerial link between companies, never make yourselves harder for job.

Just be easy, true, clear  and smart with positive attitude.


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