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Start and end of Software Testing

May 15, 2012

One of my friend asked about “Software testing process how they start and end the test” so i am trying to write in brief on this topic.

Actually Software testing is a process in itself, we have to go to series of tasks for it.

Start of testing process:

Software testing ( the testing part) starts along with development starts or actual coding starts but the phases of Software quality assurance starts with the start of Software Development Life Cycle ie “Requirement Analysis” and goes on side by side with other phases of SDLC. it too depends on your project complexity , it is always better to start with development with unit level test but due to the size, complexity of project, time limitation, members availability and practices people may start after the completion of unit or even project in some cases.
The test plan and strategies start before development or coding, design process starts. The actual testing relies on these plans and strategies to start.

Also for actual software testing portion to start we need five essential test elements:

  • Test strategy
  • Test plan
  • Test cases
  • Test data
  • Test environment

End of testing:-

Lets not be hypothetical, this is one of the toughest questions in the field of SQA. The testing seems to come to an end when finished your

  • Completion Test process:- As specified
  • Bug reporting:- all bugs properly and clearly
  • Bug fixing:- Developers, designers fix all the bugs without errors or side effects.
  • Verification:- Verification of all listed bugs have been solved and there is no side effect.
  • Re verification:- By QC , about the software and cross checks in bugs reported and new ways

But this process may actually not exist in some cases, we may have to ignore minor bugs, design issues, suggestions etc looking at the (priority, severity and type) due to the fixed deadline, clients pressure and various other factors. So we should be careful when this scenario arises and which is most obvious in the field of software testing.

So the end of Software testing is always hard and fields with hassles. Any way “enjoy  testing”.

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