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Software Test Environment

May 16, 2012

Definitely a setup of software and hardware on which the testing team performs testing is Test Environment. This setup depends upon the type of application you are testing. It may not be same for all software you are going to test. It may consists of the  Test Server setup, Network setup, Test PC set up, Reporting environment setup etc. Lets go in details now.

1. Setup of Test Server server

Every test may not be appropriate in local machine so we may need to set up test server with Fedora for php, java based applications with or without mail servers, cron set up. Windows server for .net applications , php , java based applications.
2. Network:-

network with internet or without internet, with in the same network or private network for testing, so that the congestion that is occurred during testing doesn’t hamper the other members involved in development(developers, designers, content writers etc)
3. Test PC setup:-

Setting up the needed OS if you are on web application testing then you may setup different browsers for different testers and different OS family too, for desktop applications you may need various types of OS in different testers pcs. For windows phone app testing you may need to install visual studio, windows phone emulator or assign a windows phone to the tester

4. Bug Reporting:-

Creating a project, assigning testers so that testers can login, post the bug properly and developers and designers can see it and fix it.

5. Others :-

Even preparing your testers for better understanding of test application(Software), giving ideas on logical thinking can be included in the “Software Test Environment ” SetUP

For performance testing you need to set up performance testing software (eg, load and soap ui, instances of them in client pcs , create a private network)

For security testing of web application you may need to setup Security testing  software (eg Acunetix, setup the acusensors ) so on and so on

So Finally what i would like to conclude with is Setting up of Software Test Environment is not easy, we have to take care of various small factors. So lets take care of each small factors and prepare the best Software Test Environment so that we can deliver higher quality software  within the mentioned time.

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